POWER-CUT(s) between April - July 2014.

Hi there,... we've got informed that due to some road construction work in front of the house our electricity will be cut off for a few days now and then between April and May 2014.

Power will me off usually during night-time but this might also be at daytime. We get 3 day ahead warnings... - this sucks but theres nothing we can do. In case you can't reach us by phone or emails are delayed. Now you know why.

Hope this won't happen too often. Defrosting the fridge all the time is no fun.

SPRING / SUMMER 2014 CATALOG ... on Paper!

For those of you who prefer to have a old school paper catalog that you can hold in your hands, or those who don't like to order via the internet - The all new 2014 spring & summer catalog is here. Featuring all those available Ruin Nation Records and Skuld Releases plus a few more.

Email your address for a copy, or through the postal (dis)service:
Ruin Nation Records, P.O. Box  105824, 28258 Bremen, Germany.

Want more? Send 2 IRC's (International Reply Coupons * from post-office!) or some german postal stamps for a catalog, various promo posters, stickers and some more! Thanks!

JUGGLING JUGULARS - Germany / Sweden Dates May 2014!

Tampere's oldest continuously punk band JUGGLING JUGULARS  will tour Germany and Sweden for a handful of dates in May. If you are around, go and catch them at:

May 22, 2014, Cyclopen, Stockholm, SE
May 23, 2014, Veb, Lübeck, DE
May 24, 2014, Alhambra "Break The Silcence" Fest, Oldenburg, DE
May 25, 2014, 128:A, Göteborg, SE


Introducing EXTINCT EXIST.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia - EXTINCT EXIST is the new project from a motley crew of ex- Nuclear Death Terror & Pisschrist members paying homage to classic UK Stench-Crucial-Crust  just like a thick and heavy breed of Nausea meets Hellshock meets Axegrinder type'o'wall of sound!

The band released a four track demo tape (!) and download via their Bandcamp profile. 
Check it out and be prepared to get blown away!

We where that impressed that we gathered with old friends and gonna release their debut full lengh "Cursed Earth" later this summer as joint between Ruin Nation Records, Skuld Releases & Aborted Society (USA)