UPCOMING NEW RELEASES 2015 - The first half...

The first batch of the upcoming RUIN NATION & SKULD RELEASES is prepared and will be unleashed onto you within the first half of 2015. Pressing plants worldwide seem to have major delays. Turnover and manufacturing times increased from 4 weeks to almost 10. This makes it bloody hard to keep a shedule in time, but since we're two labels working on it, it should be all good. We gonna be bloody broke after that. So please keep your orders coming! Plenty!

Below you find a poorly undetailed list of what you can expect from the SKULD & RUIN NATION CONGLOMERATION 2015!

These five (5!) releases are in the pipeline and (almost) ready to go! 

INSTIGATORS - Nobody Listens Anymore (Reissue) LP + download (28.01.2015)
2015 marks the 30 year anniversary of the original INSTIGATORS and we are proud to rerelease this legendary UK anarcho punk classic! Their 1985 debut LP (orig. on Bluurg) in all of it's original package! Outstanding, full forward anarcho punk you cannot find better and more well done! + Poster!
Bollox 032 / Skuld 093  (2015)

INSTIGATORS - The Blood Is On Your Hands LP + download (28.01.2015)
Part two of our „30 Years INSTIGATORS anniversary“ rereleases. This slap'o' wax includes the „Blood Is On Your Hands“ 7“ EP (Bluurg 1984) & „Bollox To The Gonads“ comp. tracks + rare demo recordings remastered by Audiosiege PDX. Comes with Linernotes and Bandhistory by Hammy. - This was Flux & Subs influenced UK anarchopunk!
Bollox 033 / Skuld 094  (2015)

CHAOTIC END - In Front Of Paranoia (Reissue) LP + download (20.02.2015)
Another classic rereleased! CHAOTIC END where the greek answer to AMEBIX and played a similar style of ultra heavy, atmospheric but shredding crust andhardcorepunk. This was their debut LP originally released 1993 by Wipe Out and hard to find among collectors! Finally available again!
Skuld 095 / Bollox 034.5  (2015)

SCUM OF TOYTOWN - Cells LP + download (March 2015)
This band came out of the blue in the mid nineties & managed to amaze us all with their very own brand of danceable anarcho-dub-punk not unlike a more punkrock version of Chumbawamba and Karma Sutra. - 20 years later, they are back with a new full lengh and they haven't lost it! Not a single bit!
Bollox 034 / Skuld 097  (2015)

APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - We Don't Need Them LP + download (March 2015)
A brandnew full lengh from the appalachian (U$A) anarcho crust - combo! Think of a crossover of OI POLLOI and NAUSEA with modern and sonic heavy production. Highly political content wrapped in storming crust-punk! A trible co-release with PROFANE EXISTENCE (US), SKULD (DE) and RUIN NATION!
Bollox 035 / Skuld 096  (2015)


Hello there! We have some fresh and shiney restocks of the latest full lengh albums from VICIOUS IRENE (SWE) and the INNER TERRESTRIALS (UK) It took quite some time due to the pressing plants being all jammed and manufacturing times double up, if not trible up! This gonna beinteresting with our upcoming future releases.

The WEBSHOP/STORE is updated once again with some new releases of the world wide punkrock commune! Check it out here! Plenty of NEWS and UPDATES on the way (as usual!) watch this space!

Please Note: Inner Terrestrials "Tales Of Terror" is no longer a gatefold and comes in a normal LP jacket! Still includes booklet and a 2xVinyl Set.

VICIOUS IRENE - Distorted State Of Mind LP

INNER TERRESTRIALS - Tales Of Terror 2xLP Set.


Oioi - we had some problems with slow loading pages at our online shop. This problem is fixed and we  rewamped the design a little bit. Hope u like it. We're unhappy but pretty busy serving german bureaucracy (tax) for the rest of this month but all mail-order engines keep on running. So dont hold back! Loads of great new stuff available here!

More news soon!

SKAVEN "Discography" Vinyl LP & Digital Download!

The entire SKAVEN discography on Skuld Releases will be available Friday 23th of May 2014!  Everything ever recorded by this Oakland based, shortlived dystopian crust band from the bottom of the gutter.

This is authentic, down to earth mid 1990'ies bassheavy CRUST played british style. 
Lyrix dealing mostly with the misery of life and the personal downfall of the human being in our impersonal, alienated society. The lyrical content is getting perfectly delivered by these eight lovely and life-affirming tunes... imagine that after the music kicks off the wallpapers starts unsticking, mold begins to grow and the smell of decay is spreading in your room... that might describe the amebixish vibe of their sound at it's best. 

On here you find their split LP with Dystopia, their 7" + their Split 7" with Stormcrow released years after their demise, both studio-sessions executed by Noah Landis (Neurosis) at Polymorph Studios and remastered 2012 by Brad Boatright from Audiosiege Portland.

All on one slap of 12" vinyl and very nice packaging that includes a booklet, 2(!) posters and a insert - and for the digital freaks available as a Ruin Nation Download Release from our bandcamp.