CHAOTIC END "In Front Of Paranoia" LP Reissue OUT NOW!

Skuld Releases is happy to announce the reissue of this greek crucial-crust classic! Originally released by Wipe Out in 1993 and unavailable for years (unless you pay 50 euros via Discogs) … this album is finally available again.

Χαοτικό Τέλος (Chaotic End) deliver 9 stomping crust-metal anthems in the bold and heavy pounding greek style!
Comes with Insert, Poster and Digital Download!

Mailorder from Ruin Nation.

CHAOTIC END - In Front Of Paranoia LP (Skuld 095)


… you've been an amazing, funny, clever and wonderful bloke and one of the greatest punk drummer of all time.

Rest in Happiness.



Ruin Nation Records and Skuld Releases are happy to announce the reissues of the first two classic INSTIGATORS releases are now available! Just in time for the 30 years anniversary of the original release of their classic album "Nobody Listens Anymore" (Bluurg, 1985) 

Second in this series is their debut 7" "The Blood Is On Your Hands" (Bluurg, 1984) now on a 12" with the PAX / GONADS Compilation tracks as Bonus as well as rare Demo recordings!

These recordings are reissued on Vinyl for the first time in 3 decades and now available on black as well as limited colored 180g. wax.

INSTIGATORS - Nobody Listens Anymore LP (Bollox 032 | Skuld 093)


The INSTIGATORS reissues are in da house! That "house" is still in Renningen (Skuld) but our share for the Mail-order has been send and should be here on monday. We gonna have busy times assembling all the records and inserts as well as sending out all your pre-orders.

If you wait for an order, please be patient, everything aside of the pre orders is already packed and ready to ship but we won't be able to do so before tuesday (27th of January) due to the DHL pick up. Apologies for that, but my work hours here are insane at the moment.

It seems that some regulars had problems logging into their accounts and/or creating new addresses or passwords. If thats the case with you, please send me an email. - Also i noticed a few "Ghost-items" spooking around ion the database. Such items that are sold out since a while but somehow are still up or  back in the catalog for some strange reason. I try to solve all these problems asap.

Thanks for your patience… and if you haven't yet, make sure you get a limited edition of the upcoming two INSTIGATORS Reissues: Nobody Listens Anymore LP (180g. Col Vinyl) and The Blood Is On Your Hands LP (180g. Col Vinyl)