Welcome to the RUIN NATION Blog.

Hiya folx,... and welcome to the NEW Ruin Nation Records Blogger experience.

Since todays Internet technology is going fast and our original Website don´t feature all this little gimmicks such as RSS Feed nor an easy access adminstration for News in general, i thought that a new RUIN NATION BLOG seems to be a cool and sexy alternative until we have enough time, knowledge and energy to build a new full tech regular website.

This BLOG will feature all the news, rants and gossip regaring Ruin Nation Records Releases, Bands, Tours as well as personal views, new Mailorder items... Guest articles from related Bands and folx who reside in the magical world of the Ruin Nation "microcosm"...

The Regular website including our Label and Mailorder Catalogue can be found here:

There will be still relevant news posted on the regular Website and in the future as well on our My Space, Last FM and MOG Profiles... but i will definitely focus on this Blog for all the rants and main news!