TOURETTE SYNDROM- "The Lie within Yourself" LIVE @ Oberhausen Festival 2004.

Holy Crap... just found this Video Clip while browsing SNAP for Bremen Punk Video footage... - "Tourette Syndrom" was a shortlived Band from Bremen that existed maybe 2 or 3 years featuring members from such like ANGER OF BACTERIAS, LOST WORLD, UGLY AESTHETICS, SAPERE AUDE and GASHEBEL... kind of fusion of the most active mid-nineties DIY Punk bands in Germany...

"Tourette Syndrom" played old school anarcho punk with a heavy "brit crust" edge in the guitar sound. They only performed a handfull of gigs, recorded a 10 Song LP for ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA and RUIN NATION but never finished the project and theres still no Vocals recorded on the Master tapes for the LP which made it impossible to release...
The Band split up due personal reasons a day before the planned euro Tour with DISEASE from Mallorca.
This Video Clip was shot at the VOLLALARM Festival (Oberhausen/Germany 2004?!?) and displays the only remains of the Band as far as i know.
If you got any photos, videos (etc.) give us a shout... Thanx.
Some members continiued playing in bands such as Apokalipstix, Cross Stitched Eyes and recently also Rasta Knast

Tourette Syndrom - the lie within yourself - MyVideo