Introducing COLD DEATH.

COLD DEATH is a a relatively new Band in which i play the role of the Bass player therefor get ready for some HYPE! This is very tunefull Punk-Rock with a massive early eighties UK Gothic/Death Rock overtone that reminds slightly of old "Skeletal Family" but has much more drive and dirt and most of PUNK innit. Chorus Pedal driven Guitar and Bass melodies over a moldy Drum beat. Theres a huge and impressing force of power and virtue in the Female Vocals that have a urge for Blues every here and there and makes this quite interesting and promising for more.

The band is currently on hiatus until further notice.

You can DOWNLOAD a recent 4 Track Demo Recording at:


or at the Ruin Nation Bandcamp Station here:

COLD DEATH - 4 Song Demo. (Download)