ZOUNDS - Leftover Posters available!

We found a couple of leftover posters from the recent BOLLOX 020  ZOUNDS - Discography 2xLP - Posters are folded 3 times and have a open size of 500mm x 700mm.
These posters feature early art by Steve Lake ( of ZOUNDS ) and the famous Pierre Joseph Proudon Quote:

"Whoever puts his hand on me to govern me is a usurper and a tyrant. I declare himmy enemy!"

Posters came with the double LP set. These leftover posters are now a benefit for RUIN NATION REC to help us gaining money to solve our "Basement Flood" which leaved a 3500 EUR damage.
Thanks for your help!


ZOUNDS - Whoever Puts His Hands... Poster € 2.50
ZOUNDS - The Curse Of Zounds Discography CD € 8.00
ZOUNDS - The Curse Of Zounds Discography Double LP € 14.99 (Includes Poster!)