STREAM & DOWNLOAD Ruin Nation Releases From Our New Band Camp!

We set up a brand new BANDCAMP page that allows streaming & download of almost all available, and also almost all out of print releases!

With thoughts going back and forth about the odds of including the download function and how to handle it in a fair way as well as offering you the chance to get the music on your ipod or whatever you use..., keeping it all just for free doesn't really pays respect toward the hard work and effort all these bands put into their music and since making music, publishing music also costs a lot of money to keep it running, i guess asking for a bit of support ain't too bad so we can keep our bands running wild. 

Download options now come with a mix of fixed price donations, sliding scale donations, pay what you want options as well as free downloads.

All profits from paid downloads go to those who belong. All profits for releases of bands that don't exist anymore are either transfered to remaining band members or will be collected for solidary usage and benefit support.

Prices for merchandise that is bought within the bandcamp area includes a free download of the physical vinyl album purchased.