AUTONOMADS - One Day This Will All Be Gone... LP/CD OUT NOW!

Finally! It's in da house! The release date of this all new AUTONOMADS LP/CD has been pushed back several times due to the pressing plants crazy schedule, then the cargo company screwed with the delivery... but now it's here and ready to go!

"One Day This Will All Be Gone...Everything Now!" is the second full lengh LP by this Manchester squatter/punk poss√©. 12 brandnew DIY anarcho/dub/ska-PUNK songs about social housing, squatting and dealing with state opposed repression in our daily lifes - Picking up the beat where their previous LP "No Mans Land" left, the Autonomads haven't lost any of their groove and skills writing interesting music beyond a simple "dub-genre" !  This album is the first recording featuring Perkie (of Perkie & the Perkettes) in the lineup.

They have done over 400 gigs across 8 countries, several european tours, slept on your floors, played in fields, on sites, at demos, on trucks, in clubs, in houses and meadows, free parties, warehouses, pubs.. and pretty much anywhere where you'l av them! 

Heavily influenced by 90's free-party reggae, folk, anarcho-punk, good people, ideological ranting, more good people, more ideological ranting. Always Anarchist, absolute freedom to earth, beast and mind. Everything NOW! 

• Comes with a 20 pages booklet! 
• Vinyl version includes a FREE DOWNLOAD code! 

This album is a coop between: Ruin Nation, Antikörper Export, Deviance, Pumpkin & Mass Prod with the previous plus Active, Abracadaboum, Red Star 73 on the CD!

AUTONOMADS - One Day This Will All Be Gone (Bollox 031) LP/CD