... it was a terrible and cruel year and i hope i find time to write more about it soon. As for now i gotta spend every hour packiing boxes and shipping out the last orders for 2015. Doing Wholesale and Mailorder at once is quite a task and i might have to iinvent some new strategies for 2016 as it's not healthy for my ecosystem ... haha. Ok, so please note that:

Feel free to send in orders but you need to wait until the 5th of January to get an response.
Previous orders paid before the 23th of December 2015 will be shipped before vacation. Thanks!

I can't wait to celebrate 2016 coming up and let's keep the fingers crossed that it will be an awesome new year with loads of new releases in the pipeline early 2016: VICIOUS IRENE / VEHEMENCE - Split LP, INSTIGATORS 2xCD (Including both NLA LP and TBIOYH LP plus massive extras!) OI POLLOI - Saorsa LP, EXTINCT EXIST - Cursed Earth 12", SCUM OF TOYTOWN - Strike LP Reissue. - plus several reissues of older SKULD titles.