Hi there - Sorry it took me more than 3 month to finally compose an little update on activities as a record label and such. Since the end of December 2015 i'm in a constand struggle with some health problems that limit my actions here in the office quite alot! There is some light on the horizon now and hopefully i'll have my health-system back to normal soon but until then, i fear i'll be a bit slower as usual! Apologies...

There are 3 new releases at the pressing plant and the Oi Polloi "Saorsa" LP Vinyl Version will follow as soon i get the masters. - Thanks to the Major-Label-Cartel-Day (a.k.a. Record Store Day)  it's impossible to get a proper release schedule and turn around times are three times as long as usual.

Here's some songs to stream and  watch this space about release dates and updates!

Six blasting new tracks from Göteborgs VICIOUS IRENE with their brand of radical feminist inspired hardcore punk! Heaps of "crust" and "grunge" thrown in plus a bold political message within their lyrics! The flip side has VEHEMENCE hailing from Marseille and Nancy (France) delivering 3 songs of shredding and heavy crustcore with an dystopian atmosphere and heaps of sludge. Probably the best material of both bands combined on one slap of vinyl! - Split release with Blackout Brigade (FR)
Bollox 036 (2016) - Release Date: 15th May 2015

Raging debut album of Ex-Nuclear Death Terror and Pisschrist members new Crust-Outfit hailing from Melbourne (Australia). 6 tracks of old school Crucial-Crust that sounds like a unstopable audible war-maschine! A split release with Aborted Society (USA)
Bollox 037 (2016) - Release Date: 3rd June 2016 (tbc!)

We short noted joined the ranks of a multi record label association by chance to co-release this 12" from the new international crust/d-beat band "Voidfiller". Made up by members of some well known swedish and belgian representatives of the old school mangel genre, they know how to produce some real nasty special brew of ultra-intense and shredding crustcore that will rip your f**king ears off. Distortion til Deafness is a threat again! Coop between Profane Existence, Defiance, Scream Records, and more international DIY Labels.
Bollox 040 (2016) - Release Date: June / July 2016 (tbc!)

Next up:
OI POLLOI "Saorsa" LP (Bollox 038 - June 2016 tbc.)
SCUM OF TOYTOWN "Strike" LP/CD Reissue (Bollox039 - June 2016 tbc.)
INSTIGATORS - Double CD (Bollox 041) tba.