Ruin Nation Records is a Record Label & Mailorder Distribution on a shoestring. Run by one person (with helpf of friends) fiercely DIY and independent since 1993.

Ruin Nation does Mail-order through through the WEBSHOP / STORE.

Ruin Nation Records and Distribution is based in Bremen / Germany and exist since 1993 in various forms but has always been a non-profit* organisation, owned and operated by a single person with help of a group of dedicated activists. Our work is mainly based within the Anarcho Punk scene, with links to the Dissent networks and social critical movements world wide

Our aim is to inform and inspire people, may it be through music, literature, or other mediums, to survive and seek for alternatives to the ongoing oppressive, abusive, capitalist, racist, sexist and exploitative mechanisms and structures of the so called "society" we all are a part of.

We try to achieve this by independent production and distribution of records, CD's and books that carry a political message, as well as being present at public events, such as concerts, festivals, demonstrations, congresses, etc. Prices on the offered items are as low as possible in order to make them affordable and giving everyone the chance and right to have access to the information and musical pleasure. We call this a non profit culture* We work with a consensus based decision making model, which means there is no boss - all 'volunteers' are involved in the decision making process.

Titles published by RUIN NATION RECORDS are usually available from the following distributors/wholesalers: Sonic Rendezvous (Benelux/Europe), Ebullition (USA) and of course the main source: RUIN NATION DISTRIBUTION. We run a massive Wholesale Catalog with many more releases and titles from the worldwide DIY punk underground. We encourage you to go to whatever source is most convenient.

If you would like to have your stuff distributed by us get in touch and (if possible) send a sample. Please keep in mind what we stand for and we do not distribute any material of a Racist, Sexist, Homophobic and Fascist matter... duh!
Ruin Nation can pay cash whenever cash is available or work on invoice/consignment deals... Thanx.

Please do not send demos unless you must. I usually do not release any music by bands i'm not friend with in the first place. If you must send in your submission. PLEASE do not send emails with massive attachments. Send a tape or CD to our PO Box address only. Alternative you might send a link to a bandcamp or soundcloud page. I try to listen to everything coming in. I also try to answer all mail but it might take time. Actually a lot of time.

In the golden age of the information highway, web zines, blogs and all that high tech assault, ... it is NOT POSSIBLE for a non profit shoestring operating label & distro (or whatever you want to call it) to provide such professional PROMOTION and FREE REVIEW COPY services that allows to send out loads of (new) releases to all the folx who request it. Why? - Because we can´t affort it. - Ruin Nation works with a very low profit margin and we keep prices as low as possible. This prohibits an easy "review copy mailing" due to postage, production costs... etc etc... It´s simply too expensive and we have to choose really carefully who will get review copies and who will not. If you want to enquire for the "review copy rooster" please send me a copy of your zine if it is on paper - Trade is the name of the game! Get in contact c/o the PO BOX. If you do a webzine/blog, give me your web address. Chances are however really low to get copies since there are too many webzines / blogs out there... Sorry.


Here's a few facts and news that you should know before you order from us. It's more or less all essential information that ensures wrong expectations or mistakes. Experience proved it is kinda important to know that:
  • Ruin Nation is a DIY Record Label and Mail-order Distribution on a Shoestring since 1993.
  • Ruin Nation is run by one (1) Person with help from Friends here and there, therefor sometimes also mentioned as "We" instead of "I" ... gotcha?
  • Sometimes it might take a while to serve your order/request.
  • Sometimes we are ill, on vacation or just can't be bothered.
  • Sometimes i'm behind mail, orders, stuff in general! Please don't freak out and ask nicely if you feel you wait too long. I cannot give you any time-frame for order processing. I might be really busy, or, i might have to backorder some catalog titels.
  • We do not make a living from what we do but try to keep a proper Independant, selforganised network going with decent prices in our struggle to make DIY punk-culture affordable for (almost) everyone. The cultural, politcal aspect of Punk is more valuable to us as running a proper business.
  • We do this for over 20 years and we love what we do and are pretty commited to it.
  • We never ripped anyone off and won't rip of you! If it takes longer, consider the above... or just email and ask.
  • We value a Anarchist / Strong DIY ethic before being "Cool" and "Hip"
  • Please make sure you actually really want to order your items as it is no fun assembling and packing your order for nothing, also we sometimes have to reorder items just for you. If you run into trouble while waiting and need to cancel your order; JUST SAY SO. No Problem, but don't let us wait and wait and wait... :) Thanks!
  • Please ALWAYS include your STREET ADDRESS and REAL NAME.
  • We now have a PAYPAL EXPRESS module to be more fast and quicker with your order than ever before! This Service charges a Paypal Fee automaticly to your order! Damn you Paypal!!!
  • We now also offer C.O.D. (Deutschland: Nachnahme) for Germany and other EU Countries. This Service is really expensive and the DHL/German Post cash in alot! Don't do it unless you must!
  • We don't do Credit Cards aside of the Paypal Gateway.
  • Here you find the full order conditions in GERMAN and ENGLISH.